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Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the harp?

I would LOVE to teach you!

Any age. Any kind of harp. Any style of music.
I have passion for this beautiful instrument and I want to pass it you.


Individual Lessons

Whether you have never put your fingers on the strings of a harp, or you already play and want to get better, I believe I can help you.

Students as young as six can be introduced to the harp.  I have a small 23 string Morgan Meadow lap harp made by William Reese and a 31 string Gothic harp by Musicmaker that are a perfect fit for beginners- light, easy to manage and comfortable string tension.

I use a variety of strategies in lessons… aural training, rhythm, notation and sight reading, music theory, technique, improvisation, and of course, building repertoire. Most of all, I believe that learning to play the harp should be fun, enjoyable and stress-free!

Group Lessons

Do you have a group of friends that all want to learn how to play? Do you want to experience the joy of making music with others? Then consider a group lesson.

You can work on a collective piece, each harp or harps playing their part, or you can focus on a particular skill. We can cover all sorts of topics in a group!

Harp Circles

Harp Circles are a wonderful way to offer up your music in a safe, encouraging environment.  Whether you are working on a performance piece for an upcoming event or just want to play in front of others for sharing and feedback, consider engaging in a harp circle.


Please visit my Contact Me page and let me know you want to learn how to play!