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Joyful Celebration or Quiet Reflection, the harp can enhance any occasion.

I have been playing the harp for many years and have witnessed time and time again what the beauty and power of this instrument can offer. I know I’m biased, but I know that the harp can bring something almost magical- that is different from other instruments- to almost any setting.

Many people are surprised by how versatile the harp can be. No matter what the setting or style, I believe I can offer music that will set your event apart.

You might wonder why I use the title Jubal Harp. The term comes from Genesis 4:21. “Jubal is the father of all who play harp and flute.”  It reminds me of words like Jubilation and Jubilee both qualities I associate with the harp.  And of course, it sounds like my name, Judith, which means “Praise”.