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Jubal Harp

Whether it is a wedding or special event you are planning, a house concert or afternoon tea, my goal is to bring the beauty, elegance and magic of the harp to make your event a memorable one.

Are you drawn to the harp and wished you could play?  Individual instruction is available tailored to brand newbies or seasoned players wanting to brush up on technique or repertoire.

The medical field is realizing the efficacy of live harp music to facilitate healing, by bringing rest, comfort and peace.  As a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner, I offer the soothing strains of harp music to ease pain and discomfort or to help transition your loved one to a place of eternal rest.

If you would like information on where I will be appearing and thoughts about the harp, please visit the Harp Notes page.

Please look under the Why Jubal Harp? page for more detailed information.